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Frequently Asked Questions

6 for 60

Can I sign up 6 people, Customers or Affiliates, each with a single 60 QV order or more within the first 60 days of becoming an Affiliate to qualify for ‘6 for 60’?

Can my Customer place two orders instead of one 60 QV order, e.g. a 20QV order and a second 40 QV order and still qualify my account for ‘6 for 60’?

How will I know if I am eligible for the Premier Bonus and Frenzy Bonus thanks to ‘6 for 60’?

What happens if one of my six Customers, who are my ‘6 for 60’ qualifiers, upgrades to an Affiliate?

What is ‘6 for 60’?

Account amendments

How do I change my payout details?

How do I change my username and password?

How do I change my subscriptions’ email address?

How do I change my account’s email address?

How do I change my billing address?

How do I correct name, surname or company name spelling mistakes on my Vemma account?

How do I change my delivery address?

How do I change my delivery address country?

Can I change my Enroller?

Can I request a placement change?

Can I change my account from Private to Business (Company)?

Affiliate Marketing Basics

What differs Vemma Europe from a pyramid scheme?

Being an Affiliate, am I Vemma’s employee?

Why has Vemma decided to switch to Affiliate Marketing?

What are the Affiliate’s rights and obligations?

What are the perks of the Affiliate Marketing business model?

What are the profits for being a Vemma Affiliate?

What’s in the change for me? What are the details of the perks?

What are the main differences between the marketing model in Europe before and after 30th May 2014?


What is an Auto-delivery?

When will my Auto-delivery process?

Can I pause my Auto-delivery?

How can I place an Auto-delivery Order?

Can I change the date when my Auto-delivery generates every month?

Can I change the delivery address of my Auto-delivery?

How can I cancel my Auto-delivery?

How can I change the product on my Auto-delivery?

Can my Enroller or any other person request the cancellation of my Auto-delivery?

How can I change my Auto-delivery payment details?

Why was my Auto-delivery option blocked?

My Auto-delivery order was not successfully paid for. What can I do?

Back Office

How to check my bonus history?

How can I tell if I am qualified to earn bonuses?

Where can I find information about people who qualify my account?

Where do I go to find out when the rank advancement period and cycle week begins and ends?

Why isn’t my Customer showing activation weeks in the Back Office?

Back Office Pro

How do I upgrade to Back Office Pro?

What additional features will the Back Office Pro provide me with?

How much does Back Office Pro cost?

Is there a “free” period when I can use the Back Office Pro features before I pay for them?

How do I access my Back Office Pro Manager?

How will I be billed for Back Office Pro?

Who can opt into Back Office Pro?

How frequently is Back Office Pro updated?

How do I cancel my Back Office Pro subscription?

Can I message my upline in the new Message Center system, even if I am not subscribed to Back Office Pro?

How do I create a Business Group in Back Office Pro? Are there any default reports available?

How do I pin individuals to a group in Back Office Pro?

How do I know if I have messages waiting for me in Back Office Pro?

Can I attach a PDF or an audio file to my broadcast message in Back Office Pro?

How do I update my payment or subscription information for Back Office Pro?

Balanced Building

What are the Balanced Building (Two Teams) Requirements designed for?

Balanced Team Bonus

What is the purpose of the Balanced Team Bonus?

What ranks is the Balanced Team Bonus designed for?

What do I need to do to become Balanced Team Bonus qualified?

My rank is Gold. I have 1 Silver in my left and 1 Bronze in my right team, will I earn from the lower pool?

Will orders other than the Auto-delivery count as part of the 500 reward points required for Balanced Team Bonus?

How often does Balanced Team Bonus bonus pay out?

Will the points accumulated in one 4-week period roll over to the next period?

How can I receive the Balanced Team Bonus Affiliate Pack Flag and what does it entitle me to?

How long can I earn Balanced Team Bonus on the same level for?

My highest achieved rank is Gold, but I am currently ranked Silver. Will I receive earnings based on a Gold or Silver rank?

Becoming an Affiliate

How can I become an Affiliate?

Will I be able to upgrade my account to an Affiliate later if I start as a Customer?

When will a Customer receive the prompt to upgrade to an Affiliate after signing up a new Affiliate or Customer?

Is placing an order by the newly enrolled customer obligatory for the enroller to upgrade to Affiliate?

When Customers purchase an Affiliate Pack, does it give them a prompt to upgrade to an Affiliate?

Bod•ē Challenge

What happens if I start my Vemma Bod•ē 12-Week Transformation Challenge when an official challenge time period is not officially running or when a challenge is already underway?

How many times can I enter the Challenge?

Can I participate in consecutive challenges?

Do I have to use Vemma Bod•ē products to be eligible for the Challenge?

What body composition measurements does the Challenge require and how do I take the measurements?

Can I finish my Challenge earlier than the allotted 12 weeks?

Can my family and friends participate in the Challenge?

Where do I submit my information for the Challenge?

Can I submit my before and after challenge information at the same time?

How will Challenge winners be decided?

When will Challenge winners be announced?

How many times can I win the Challenge?

When are the official Challenge submission deadlines?

Can I take someone on the Challenge trip with me?

Can I take someone on the Challenge makeover retreat and photo shoot with me?

What are the Challenge prizes?

Is there an option to take the cash equivalent instead of receiving the actual Challenge prizes?

What are some tips for taking good before and after photos?

Why do I have to submit before and after photos?

How recent do my before photos have to be?

When should I take my after photos?

Bod•ē Shake

Can I take the Bod•e Shake daily?

Can I replace all of my meals with the Bod•e Shake?

How quickly should I see results? Does the Bod•e Shake work for everyone?

Can I use the Bod•e Shake without following the Vemma Bod•e Transformation Plan?

Do I have to use the Bod•e Shake as part of the Vemma Bod•e Transformation Plan? Can I leave my plan as is with Bod•e Burn?

Can I mix the Bod•e Shake with milk instead of water?

What are the mixing instructions for the Bod•e Shake?

Does the Bod•e Shake include the Vemma formula?

Can I still take other Vemma products in addition to the Bod•e Shake?

Does the Bod•e Shake include fatty acids, such as Omega-3?

What is the sweetener used in the Bod•e Shake?

Bod•ē Transformation Plan

What types of foods can I eat on the Vemma Bod•ē 12-Week Transformation Plan?

What is a carb cycle and why is it important?

Why do I need to eat five times a day?

How many calories on average does the Vemma Bod•ē Plan have per day?

My appetite seems to be gone, is this normal?

How much protein should I consume in one day?

How much water should I consume in one day?

How many people are the recipes and shopping lists for?

What is considered a smart carbohydrate?

What beverages can I drink while on the plan?

If I have a special dietary preference (i.e., vegetarian, vegan, raw food diet), what protein options within the Bod•ē Plan fit this criteria?

I am losing centimeters and my clothes fit better, but why aren’t the kilos dropping?

Why should I prepare my meals ahead of time?

How should I eat when dining out at restaurants?

What are some tips for cooking?

Can I use condiments?

Would you consume Bod•ē Burn with the morning and afternoon meals or in place of them?

Once I reach my desired weight, does the Bod•ē plan have a maintenance phase?

Can I take the Vemma Bod•ē products without following the Bod•ē 12-Week Transformation Plan?

Can I follow the Bod•ē plan without using the products?

When do I take Bod•ē Burn?

When should I take Bod•ē Cleanse?

When should I take Bod•ē Rest?

I am already doing an exercise plan; do I need to change it?

Can I drink alcohol and consume Bod•ē Burn?

What is the difference between a low-carb day and high-carb day? How much is allowed?

How do I gauge portion sizes when I am on the go?

What if I deviate from the plan? Is there a way to start over?


Do I need to deliver invoices related to my commission payout?

When will Vemma pay my commission out?

What is the minimum commission amount paid?

Is there any fee related to commission’s payouts?

I have not received my due commission amount. Why?

What bank details should I supply Vemma with to receive my commission’s earnings?

What are IBAN and SWIFT numbers?

When do I need to provide Vemma with my bank details for commission payouts?

Compensation Plan basics

What is a ‘Cycle Credit Chart’ and where can I find it?

When will Vemma pay the Currency Conversion Bonus?

What is Personal Volume?

What do I need to do to become an Active Affiliate/Customer?

What does ‘Personally Enrolled Qualifier’ stand for?

How can I qualify to earn bonuses?

What is my Power Team?

What is my Profit Team?

What is a Cycle Week (Volume Period)?

Do my personal orders accumulate points towards my left or right qualifying volume?

Courier Services

Delivery options per country

What is DPD Predict?

What is the difference between Hempaket and Home delivery services in Sweden?

What is the Permanent Safe Place Agreement (ASG)?

How will Vemma deliver my order?

Customer Referral Program

What do I need to do to qualify for the free product?

I have Affiliates in my downline who are earning their free Auto-delivery order. Do those free orders count towards Personal Volume and my Cycle Volume?

I have three new Customers who placed product orders this month. When will I receive my free Auto-delivery order?

If I qualify for a free product Auto-delivery order, do I need to cover the cost of shipping and handling?

Who is considered a Customer?

Will the Customers I enroll also count toward the new enrollments for the Frenzy and Double Frenzy Bonus?

Will the volume from Customer orders count toward Balanced Team Bonus?

If I qualify to receive free product, can that Auto-delivery be mailed separately from my Auto-delivery order?

Will my free Auto-delivery order count for my activation and/or qualification?

If I have more than one Auto-delivery base order on file and I qualify for free product, which Auto-delivery base order will be free?

When will I know that I have qualified to receive free product?

If one of my personally enrolled new Customers meets the requirements to receive Auto-delivery product order for free, will they still count as one of my three personally enrolled Customers?

Can I change my Auto-delivery base order to higher QV if I earned more free volume than my current Auto-delivery amount? If yes, will it still be still sent for free?

If I am a Customer, what can I receive when I enroll a new Customer and they purchase a product?

Is there any limit on a free order?

Is the Customer Referral Program designed for Customers only?

Can I exchange or transfer my Free order?

Will I be charged for my 190 QV Auto-delivery order in July, if I collect 570 CRP points in June?

I have not received my free order although I was entitled to it. What should I do?

Will I be active with my free CRP Auto-delivery?

If an Affiliate registers 3 Customers in June with orders of 60 points each – what points will they have from these enrollments?

Will my Customer’s order from a particular month count towards my Customer Referral Program even if that Customer changed account status to Affiliate in the following month?

Cycle Commission

When am I qualified to earn Cycle Commission?

Why have I not received 100% of my Cycle Commission?

Cycle Tracker

What is Cycle Tracker and where can I find it?

Where in the Back Office can I find information how long I will be active for?

What does the ‘Activation weeks remaining’ figure indicate?

What is the ‘Customer Referral Program’ section in my Cycle Tracker?

Where will I find information on bonuses earned in a particular Cycle Week?

What does the ‘Number of new Affiliates’ figure represent?

What does the ‘Number of Affiliates’ figure represent?

What does the ‘Number of active Auto-delivery orders’ figure represent?

What does the ‘Personally Enrolled Active’ figure display?

Where can I find information how many people I have personally enrolled?

How can I find out who generated Qualification Volume in my left and right teams in a given cycle week?

How can I tell what is the value of my Team Members’ Auto-delivery?

Where can I find information on Activation weeks remaining of my Team Member’s account?

How can I tell who is an Enroller of a particular Customer/Affiliate in my downline?

How can I tell what is my Team Member’s Cycle Volume?

Frenzy & Double Frenzy

How long do these programs run?

What is the payout for Double Frenzy Bonus?

Will reactivations count towards this bonus?

How do I qualify for Frenzy and Double Frenzy?

What is the payout for Frenzy Bonus?

Do I need to be Balanced Team Bonus qualified to earn the Frenzy Bonus?

What is a maximum number of Frenzy/Double Frenzy Bonus shares per 1 cycle week?

I am registered in the UK. Am I eligible to earn Double Frenzy bonus?

Global Bonus Pool

Where will I find information on the payout dates for Global Bonus?

Go for the Gold

Can I take my friend/ relative with me to the Go for the Gold event?

Do I need to be signed up after a certain date to be able to qualify for the Go for the Gold event?

Does Vemma Europe cover hotel expenses for the spouse/ life partner of a qualified Affiliate?

For Supreme and Enroller qualifications there is full transportation coverage offered – does Vemma Europe book the flights or does the Affiliate need to do it on their own and the company will reimburse the costs later?

How and when will I be notified about my qualification for the Event?

How will the transportation credits be added?

If a qualified Affiliate does not want or is not able to attend, can they have a cash equivalent?

If a qualified Affiliate does not want to or is not able to attend the 20-22.02.2015 event, could they take part in the 2nd edition of the program?

If an Affiliate, who is of a “Paid As” rank higher than Diamond, qualifies for Go for the Gold by helping their PEQs (personally enrolled qualifiers) qualify for the event, will Vemma Europe then also pay for their flights, like in case of Supreme qualification?

In case of a joint account – does Vemma Europe cover transportation and accommodation costs for both account holders?

Is the Balanced Team Bonus structure required?

What are the benefits of participating in the Go for the Gold event?

What are the qualification levels?

What is the qualifying period?

What meal plan is provided by Vemma Europe?

When an Affiliate achieves the Gold rank for the first time and maintains it in the consecutive Rank Advancement period, do they have to be also Balanced Building Bonus qualified during both of these 2 Rank Advancement periods or is it enough to do this just once, while reaching the Gold rank?

When is the Go for the Gold event scheduled for?

Introducing new members

Another Affiliate claims enrollment rights to a person that I have personally enrolled. What do I do?

Can I sign up a person from a different country?

What is the best placement strategy for my Vemma business?

What does being on the left or right team mean?

Who is a Sponsor?

What is a placement strategy?

How do I sign up new Affiliates/Customers?

Marketing guidelines

Can I reproduce Vemma marketing materials?

Can I talk to mass media representatives about my Vemma business?

May I list my Vemma business in the White Pages?

May I advertise in the Yellow Pages?

Can I advertise in the newspaper?

Can I produce and distribute clothes with Vemma logos?

Are there any branding guidelines that I should be aware of?

Am I obliged to follow any anti-spam rules?

What are the terms of advertising Vemma products?

Where can I find Vemma promotional tools?

Can I use Vemma trademarks/Company name for my site name/domain/Social Media URL?

Can I use marketing materials available on other than European Vemma websites (US, Asia)?

Can I place marketing materials and other Vemma info on Social Networking websites (Facebook, Myspace, youtube etc)?

Member details

When and why should I enter my VAT ID?

How do I recover my username or password?

Why must I provide Vemma with my date of birth during the registration process?

Mobile app

Where can I download Vemma Business App from?

My Vemma Mobile App does not seem to work properly. What can I do?

My Delivery

How can I change the delivery time of my recent parcel?

When will Vemma ship my order?

How can I verify the status of my delivery?

What is the cost of Vemma orders delivery service?

I was not at home for scheduled delivery. What will happen now?

What is the UPS InfoNotice?

Order payment

Direct debit payment process for Switzerland

How can I pay for my order?

Are there any additional documents that I should supply Vemma with for Direct Debit payment method?

Are my credit/debit card details secure with Vemma?

Do Vemma product prices include VAT?

My credit/debit card was declined or there was a problem with processing my credit/debit card. How can I resolve this?


Can I order a pallet of Vemma products?

Why have I not received my order e-mail confirmation?

How can I get an Invoice for my order?

Personal Vemma website

Can I use country names or Vemma’s Company Marks for my Personal Vemma website URL?

How do I set up my personal Vemma website?

How do I change my site name?

How do I connect my personal Vemma website to Twitter and/or Facebook?

How can I manage my personal Vemma website?

Can I change the background on my website?

Can I change my homepage content to focus on one of the products?

Premier Club

What do I need to do to recieve Vemma branded decals for my car?

What is the Vemma Europe Premier Club?

What do I need to do to qualify for the Premier Club?

Can I earn the maximum bonus payout amount before I get my vehicle?

Why didn’t I get my Premier Club bonus payment for December?

Once I qualify for the Premier Club, how long do I have to purchase or lease my vehicle?

If I opt out of the Premier Club program, is that forever?

Do you have a specific vehicle dealer that I need to work with?

What are the criteria when it comes to the car selection?

Can I earn both the Premier Bonus and the Balanced Team Bonus?

How often is the Premier Club bonus paid?

Can I purchase a 10-pack or a 12-week Transformation pack instead of buying an Affiliate Pack?

Can I enroll 6 Customers instead of buying an Affiliate Pack?

My Premier Club decals were damaged in an accident how do I replace them?

Products distribution

Can I resell or distribute Vemma products?

Can I sell Vemma products to general public?

Can I display and/or sell Vemma products at trade shows and expositions?

Products general information

What happens if my Vemma products freeze or are kept in the sun?

Is the range of products same for Customers and Affiliates?

Are Vemma products intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent some disease?

Are Vemma products doping free?

Are Vemma packages environment friendly?

What is organic aloe vera and why is it important?

Why is organic decaffeinated green tea important?

What are antioxidants?

What are xanthones?

Are Vemma products pasteurized?

Rank Advancement

What is the number of Cycles required for rank advancement on particular level?

What is the Rank Advancement Period?

When is the Rank Advancement calculated and when will it be posted in my Back Office?

Are there any special prizes for achieving rank advancement?

What if I will skip a rank while advancing? Will I receive a prize for that skipped rank?


What is an Affiliate Agreement and who can enter into one?

What is the Business Form and who should submit one?

How can I register with Vemma?

How can I register with Vemma not knowing an existing Vemma Affiliate or Customer?

Is there any registration fee?

Can a couple register a joint Vemma account?

Can a minor join Vemma as an Affiliate or Customer?

How many accounts can I register?

I would like to register my second Vemma account. Are there any restrictions that I should be aware of?

How do I register a business (company) account?

What does the ‘cooling off period’ for UK Affiliates stand for?

Can a UK resident/citizen register as an Affiliate?

I want to start my Vemma business with an Affiliate Pack in the UK, but I cannot see that product in the Online Store. Why?

Resignation, termination, suspension

What are terms of resignation?

Can I sell products after the termination/resignation?

Can Vemma terminate my account?

Can Vemma suspend my account?

Am I still in possession of Affiliate entitlements while being suspended?

How will I know that my account has been suspended?


How do I file a Claim?

What is Buy-back policy and when can I use it?

What is points voiding and when does it occur?

I want to return an order that was already delivered. Will Vemma cover the cost of shipment service?

Will I have to cover the cost of shipment in case I will refuse to accept the delivery of my order?

Is there any particular courier service provider that I should use for returning my Vemma order?

What is the address for returns?

What is negative volume and when will Vemma apply one?

What are the timeframes for returning Vemma products?

What is the 100% money back guarantee option?

How can I return my Vemma order?

Sale of account

Can I transfer the rights to my Vemma business?

SEPA regulations

SEPA Direct Debit Mandate (Bankabbuchungsauftrag)

What is SEPA?

What is SEPA Direct Debit?

I have Direct Debit set for my Auto-delivery. Do I need to provide the SDD Mandate every time I change my account details?

Where can I find more information on SEPA Direct Debit requirements?

Summer Frenzy

Do the new Frenzy Bonus rules apply to the new Affiliates only?

Does no weekly limits in July apply to Double Frenzy too?

How can I get a Variety Pack?

Is the Affiliate Pack still needed for Double Frenzy?

You are saying I can earn up to $200 from a single Frenzy share – does it mean I will always get $200 if I am eligible for Frenzy?

Vemma Premium

If you shake a bottle of Vemma Premium, pour it into a clear glass and leave it, the ingredients seem to settle out at the bottom of the glass to form a sediment. Why does this happen?

Vemma Premium – Botanicals from food ingredients

Vemma Premium – foundational nutrition par excellence!

Vemma Premium – Vitamins and minerals

Why have the amounts of certain vitamins and minerals been changed in Vemma Premium?

Why was the product name changed to Vemma Premium?


What is Verve Energy Drink?

Is it necessary to take a multivitamin if I am also drinking Verve?

Is there sugar in Verve and where does the sugar come from?

Where does the caffeine in Verve come from?

Is caffeine bad for me?

How is Verve processed?

What is the difference between Verve and Verve Bold?

Where do the antioxidants in Verve come from?

Does Verve always taste or look the same?

Verve Bold

How much sugar is in Verve Bold, and where does the sugar come from?

How much caffeine is in Verve Bold?

Verve ParTea

How is Verve ParTea processed?

Is there sugar in Verve ParTea and where does the sugar come from?

Where does the caffeine in Verve ParTea come from?

Why did Vemma choose to include green tea extract in Verve ParTea?

Verve ReMIX

Is there sugar in Verve Remix and where does the sugar come from?

What flavors are included in Verve ReMIX?

What is organic aloe vera and why is it important?

What is the difference between Verve ReMIX, Verve ParTea, Verve and Verve Bold?

Where does the caffeine in Verve ReMIX come from?

Why is organic green tea important?

Volume flush

Why have I lost my qualifying volume points?

What happens if my account is not active?

What will happen if my account is not Qualified?

What is the 52-week volume flush?